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The Colonisation Of Australia

  • May 22, 1000


    The Aborigines were the very first people on the Australian land. They arrived around 50 000 years ago and they continued living there until the the First Fleet.
  • Exploratrion of Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and the French

    Exploratrion of Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and the French
    In the 1600's the Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese and the French came and explored Australia.
  • Captain Cook

    Captain Cook
    In 1770, Captain Cook stumbled over Austrtalia. when the aborigines saw him they were puzzled and confused at why someone was on their land.
  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    In 1787, the First Fleet were sent to Australia from Great Britain carrying more than 1,000 convicts, with eleven ships. They arrived at Australian in 1788. The aborigines were sad and still very confused because now the British sailors were destroying their land and taking it over.
  • First Fleet Sailors Perspectives

    First Fleet Sailors Perspectives
    The Sailors that were taken on the trip to Australia probobly didn't enjoy it too much. They probobly missed their families terribly, were cramped up in ships for a year and were forced to fight.
  • Federation

    The Federation of Australia was the process by which the six separate British self-governing colonies agreed to unite and form the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    In 1914-1918 World War 1 occurred It was horrible! We lost a third of our poulation in Australia. Most of them were killed and some lucky ones returned with bad injuries or wounded. Some of the aboroigines fought as diggers. Most of of the people didn't want to go to war but the really had no choice. Some of them didn't mind about going while some others were terrified. The soliders were probobly a bit worried because there was a good chance of them being killed and not seeing their familes.
  • Now the present (2015)

    Now the present (2015)
    Now 2015 the year we are in there has been some remarkable changes and differences. Now we have a Queen and Royality, we are in the Commonwelth, same Union Jack as England (both flags,) Cricket ashes, tourism, language, food Christmas Turkey, and Government (follow their style.) Now days the aborigines are still be picked on and some are still sad from the Stolen Generation.