The Clayton Antitrust Act's History and Future

  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    Sherman Antitrust Act is passed
  • Period: to

    Clayton Antitrust Act's History and Future

  • Standard Oil Company

    Standard Oil Company brocken up for antitrust voilations
  • Federal Trade Commission

    The Federal Trade Commission is created
  • Clayton Antitrust Act

    The Clayton Antitrust Act is passed and goes into effect
  • Robinson-Patman Act

    Robinson-Patman Act goes into effect
  • Hollywood Antitrust Case

    Hollywood was tried for antitrust violations
  • FTC v. Morton Salt

    Morton Salt company tried for, and found guilty of antitrust violations. They were selling at a large discount to those who bought more.
  • Bell Tellephone Company

    Bell Telephone Company is broken up into 24 "baby bells" AT&T was one of them
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is "split" apart