The Caribbean during the Enlightenment

By erc
  • Period: Mar 5, 1492 to

    Enlightenment caribbean

  • Dec 5, 1492

    Columbus lands on HIspaniola

    This was a major event as it lead to the foundation of the Spanish colonies in the Caribbean Islands and the Americas mainland.
  • Mar 8, 1493

    Christopher Columbus discovers Puerto Rico

    This beigins the settlement of Puerto Rico as Columbus's second voyage was a massive colonizing effort
  • May 10, 1503

    Columbus discovers the Caymans

    Christopher Columbus finds two of the Cayman Islands and names them Las Tortuagas soon they become Spanish colonies growing various cash crops
  • Aug 10, 1503

    Columbus dicovers Jamaica and is stranded there

    Columbus becomes stranded on teh Island of Jamaica
  • Mar 8, 1509

    first Spanish Settle Jamaica

    The Spanish colonize Jamaica fend off privateer attacks at their capital in Spanish town
  • Mar 8, 1511

    First Spanish Settlement on Cuba

    Diego Velesquez forms the first settlement on the Island of Cuba. The settlement soon begins the growing of various cash crops.
  • Mar 8, 1513

    encomeinda system begins

    The encomeinda systems is announced by Ferdinand 2 the King that sponsered Columbus's yoyages this begins a rash of enslavement of the local populations and the growing of Cash crops such as coffe sugar and tabacco
  • Mar 8, 1555

    Sir Francis Drake Attacks Puerto Rico

    He However fails yet again to take the important colony. Spain continues to gain power and influence on the island by settling and Subduing the Native Tainos. They begin the importation of African slaves to the Puerto Rico
  • First British settlers arrive in the Bahamas

    The first settlers that arrive on the Bahamas to stay are British religious settlers soon they are followed by privateers and criminals forcing the honest citizens to vacate certain parts of the Islands
  • British take over Jamaica

    British Attack Key Spanish settlements In Jamaica this leads to the colonization of Jamica by various mostly unsavory sorts. Jamaica lter becomes an important colony to the British for the growing of cash crops
  • Britain gains control of the Cayman islands

    The British become the formal owners of the Cayman Islands however they do not become weel populated until much later. most of the original settlers were privateers and Merchants however after 1713 it became a Pirate haven
  • Jamaica becomes big plantation Islans

    Jamaica was acolony of great importance to the British colonizers and the growing of cash crops such as sugar cane became very important. Ass it still does today the sugar crop needed a vast number of cheap laborers this end was acheived by the importation of African slaves
  • Pirate age begins

    War of Spanish Succession ends turning many former legal privateers into pirates. This sets up a pirates "republic" in Nassu this island and the rest of the Islland group begins to be the subject of numerous attacks by Spain and France.
  • British seize the Bahamas

    the British sieze nassu and run the pirates out of town however this is met with limited success as repeated attacks on the cities in British control are made by the pirates
  • British attempt to capture Cuba

    The british after authorizing privateer raid after privateer raid decide to send a 4,000 man attack on the island of Cuba however this was a massive failure as many were killed when the Spanish found out about the attack.
  • Spanish retake the bahamas

    The Spanish once again reassert colonial life on the Bahamas only to hace it retaken by British and American troops and mercenarys
  • Haitian Rebellion begins

    Slaves in the northern part of the Island begin a revolt that quickly spreads across the rest of the Island it was not a total fix however as freedom for the nation and it's slave population was not fully acheived until much later
  • Full independance Gained for Haiti

    Finally Hatian Independance is won by Jean Jacques Dessilines Haiti is immediatly plunged into poverty that will continue into modern time.
  • Britain abolishes slavery

    In many of the british colonies frequent slave uprisising caused problems this combine with increased publicunrest over the issue of slavery caused Britian to get rid of slavery and begin the set-up of more democratic states in the Caribbean Islands