The Black Panther Party

  • The black panther party was founded

    The black panther party was founded
    On October 15th, 1966, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the black panther party following the assassination of Malcolm X and the shooting of an UNARMED black teenager in San Franciso.
    Fun Fact: The organization was founded on my birthday!
  • Giving back to communities

    Giving back to communities
    Ever since the organization was founded, the Panthers have been in charge of giving back to their people. This included funding schools, feeding the homeless, holding clothing drives for children who needed clothes, and holding religious meetings for people to practice the religion of choice.
  • Period: to

    Political activities and programs

    From the start of the foundation, organizers of the party wanted to help protect the African American communities from police brutality and also help replenish the poverty communities. Through this, they created the "ten-point program" which laid out the demands of the organization which lead to a more powerful and bigger movement than just wanting basic human rights. Today, the party is still active and still helps to provide for the African American community.
  • Huey Newton convicted

    Huey Newton convicted
    In September of 1968, Huey Newton one of the founders of the party was arrested and charged with the alleged murder of a police officer. The conviction was later overturned by a court decision.
  • FBI vs The Panther Party

    FBI vs The Panther Party
    In the year of 1969, the government official ruled that the black panther party was an enemy of the government
  • The death of Fred Hampton

    The death of Fred Hampton
    On December 4th, 1969, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated by the FBI while asleep in their apartment. Hampton's wife, who was also pregnant, was in the apartment when police shot over one hundred bullets into the apartment. This tragedy caught my attention because of how brutal the police are to blindly shoot into an apartment while people are sleeping with the intent to kill. It is also said that he was dead when they entered, and they took turns shooting his dead body.