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The Big Bang Theory

  • The Big Bang

    The Big Bang
    14 Billion Years ago the big bang occured. The Big bang was an event that sent matter continuously into space before cooling.
  • Planets began to cool

    Planets began to cool
    All matter in the universe began to cool following the big bang.
  • Autotrophs

    The autotrophs were the first living organism, functioning on photosynthsis
  • Neanderthals

    The nenderthal was the first human like creature on earth and is believd to have been living about 600,000-350,000 years ago.
  • First buildings

    First buildings
    The great wall and pyramids were built approx from 220 BC to 206 BC. These are the first major buildings of the human species.
  • Unraveling mysteries of universe

    Unraveling mysteries of universe
    The use of Science, Math, and documentation of our history is how we know of the big bang and what has happened since then. Math has been around since about 1800-2000 BC, Science since about 3500 BC and our history is written with the findings of the scientists and mathematicians.