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the beaches/ done with dolls

By akasha
  • When the band done with dolls formed

    In the year 2008 the band "Done With Dolls". They dicided that the wanted to form a band and they were joking around and came up with the name done with dolls. The band formed after Jordan and Kylie Miller's dad signed both girls up for guitar lessons at the ages of six and eight.
  • the band was on KIDS CBC

    Some point in year 2012 done with dolls were on Kids CBC
  • they changed there names to the beaches over the summer

    The band "Done With Dolls" changed there band name to "The Beaches." They dicided that they did not want to have the name done with dolls and they did not want to play the same type of music. They changed there entier look and sound. They changed there band.
  • Eliza

    Eliza is 15, is in grade 11, goes to rosedale school of the art and plays the drums. She has been friends with Jordan since grade 1.She brings commen sence to the group when decisions need to made.She also enjoys reading horror books.
  • Jordan and Kylie

    Jordan and Kylie
    Jordan and Kylie are sisters, both go to rosedlae school of the arts, Jordan is in grade 11, Kylie is in grade 10, Jordan does bass and lead vocals, and Kylie plays guitar and back up vocals. Jordan loves drama and is a neat freak. Jordan loves reading horror books and taking bike-rides. Kylie is a peace-maker when things get a little out of conrtol. She is always searching for new and inspiring music.
  • Megen is in grade 10 and plays guitar

    Megen was born in 1997, is in grade 10 and plays guitar. She is known as the quite girl. She puts her creativity into cooking and baking delicious concoctions and making crafts.
  • done with dolls song "Story Of My Life."

    <a href='' ><a/> done with dolls "Story of my life"
  • they sound like...

    they sound like the singers:
    -Miley Cyrus
    -Demi Lovato
    -Hannah Montana
    -The Go Go's
  • Did you know?

    Did you know:
    -There favourite T.V. shows are Gossip Girl, The Hills, and Glee
    -They absoloutly love Twilight, they have read all the books and watched all the movies
    -They have a huge cleb crush on the Jonas Brothers, Robart Patansion, Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber. they skip school most days a week.