My shoes 2013

The Basketball Shoe

By J Watt
  • Basketball was invented.

    Basketball was invented.
    Basketball was created as a way to keep active on a rainy day in a small gym. It was the size of one half of a modern day court.
  • First Recognised Basketball Shoe

    First Recognised Basketball Shoe
    The original Converse All-Stars were worn by Chuck Taylor ( American shoe salesman who played basketball). Converse All-Stars are still the most succesful selling basketball shoe ever.
  • First Adidas Shoe

    First Adidas Shoe
    Adidas enters the basketball shoe market as a small company.
  • Basketball Shoe Marketing

    Basketball Shoe Marketing
    A number of other companies, including "Kempt" (see picture) tried to manufacture similar styles. However Converse All-Star remained the top seller.
  • Pro-Keds were established

    Pro-Keds were established
    Pro-Keds were the first shoe that addressed ankle injuries with its "Powerlift".
  • Puma Enters Market

    Puma Enters Market
    The Puma Clyde shoe was made famous in the 1970s by the Knicks guard and basketball hero Walt 'Clyde' Frazier.
  • Nike Realeased first Basketball Shoe

    Nike Realeased first Basketball Shoe
    The first Nike basketball shoe, the "Bruin" was constructed from leather and suede rather then previously used canvas.
  • Converse Top Market Again

    Converse Top Market Again
    Converse introduce the Weapon series which are worn by top players including "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird.
  • Nike Had Success in Market

    Nike Had Success in Market
    The "Air Force 1" becomes the first great Nike basketball shoe to make use of the Air technology.
  • Micheal Jordan Endorses Nike

    Micheal Jordan Endorses Nike
    Micheal Jordan signs an endorsement contract with and releases the first of his signature range, the "Air Jordans". Originally, the NBA banned this new shoe, due to the colours being non-regulation.The introduction of the Air Jordan shoe was a key event in Nike’s successful development.
  • Reebok Pumps Made Famous

    Reebok Pumps Made Famous
    Rebok "Pumps" were made famous in a dunking competition by Dee Brown. This shoe was designed to inflate for ankle support.
  • Advance in Dunking Shoes

    Advance in Dunking Shoes
    Vincent Carter made a six foot dunk over a 7'2" Frenchmen in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and made the Nike Shox BB4 famous.
  • Technological Breakthrough

    Technological Breakthrough
    Lunar Hyperdunks avaliable with microchipping technology that enables players to track their amount of movement including jump height, total run length and amount of time in the air.
  • Low-Tops Make a Comeback

    Low-Tops Make a Comeback
    Recent Research has proven that Low-Tops are more effective against ankle injuries than High-Tops.
  • A Lot of Change

    A Lot of Change
    Basketball shoes are now infused with all sorts of technological advances such as the ability to keep track of the movement made by the wearer at any set time. Overall the boot shape hasn't changed that much the design and technology that goes into each shoe has advanced a long way.