Monkey buffet festival

The Amazing Race

  • Flight To Valencia, Spain

    Flight To Valencia, Spain
    Getting on an overnight flight, the team of two will first fly to Zurich, and arrive at 4 am. They will be expecting an hour layover before boarding again at 5 am to land in Valencia, Spain at 7.
  • Bus Ride To Tomatina

    Bus Ride To Tomatina
    There will be a one hour bus ride from Valencia to Bunol, where the tomato fight is taking place. The bus fare is part of the Tomatina ticket that was bought for $75.
  • Tomatina

    They will arrive at 8:30 for the pre-party, but the actual tomato fight will not begin until 11. It lasts for one hour. The fight is part of the city's LOCAL CULTURE (a group that shares customs). The tomatoes are easily cleaned because of the LANDSCAPE (region of rural scenery). The nearby rivers are used to wash away the acid that helps clean the streets. Through HEIRARCHIAL DIFFUSION (through people highly susceptible), more people from around the globe have joined the event.
  • Bus/Taxi

    After taking the bus back to you hotel, the Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace, you will take a quick taxi ride to theCity of Arts and Sciences. There you will take a free, self guided tour through the aquariums.
  • Taxi to Airport

    Taxi to Airport
    at 6pm the team will board their flight to Madrid. They will arrive in only an hour. After a three hour layover, they will board again at 10 pm, on an overnight flight to Bangkok, Thailand. The team will arrive in Thailand at 10 am.
  • Period: to

    The Amazing Race

  • Land in Thailand

    Land in Thailand
    THe team will land in Thailand at 10 am. A taxi will take them to their hotel, Hotel on Devonport, aboutand hour away. The taxi will cost $156.
  • Monkey Buffet Festival

    Monkey Buffet Festival
    The Monkey Buffet Festival has been celebrated for many years, reflecting these people's CULTURE (beleifs and wsys of a specific group). The people of Lopburi dress up and set out food for the monkeys to eat, mainly fruit. The event brings the people together with their CULTURAL LANDSCAPE (interactions between nature and human behavior). THis CUSTOM (a particular practice among a group of people) is observed annually not only for the animals but also to promote tourism.
  • Selfie With a Monkey

    Selfie With a Monkey
    As the monkeys are eating, the team will snap a quick "selfie".Be careful! They might bite!
  • Walk back from the Festival

    Walk back from the Festival
    The walk should only take about minutes. After gathering their things, the team will spend the night in the Lopburi Inn Resort.
  • Flight to Manila, Philippines

    Flight to Manila, Philippines
    Because of the one hour drive, the team should wake up at five to arive at the airport by six. The flight from Bankok to Manila will only be three hours, so the team should arrive by 9 am.
  • Taxi to Kabayan Hotel

    Taxi to Kabayan Hotel
    The taxi drive will be quite short, lasting only 10 minutes. It will cost only $2.68 when converted into US dollars! Then you will use another taxi to get to the Quipo Church. It will cost about $4!
  • The Procession of the Black Nazarene

    The Procession of the Black Nazarene
    This is the largest parade that takes place in the country. The parade moves the staue of the Black Nazarene through the crowds. It's a RELIGION (worship of God or the supernatural) based celebration, focused on honoring Jesus. Becuase the religion is a UNIVERSALIZING RELIGION (accepting of new members), anybody can join. Many beleive that if you're able to touch the Black Nazarene, that you will be cleansed of your bad deeds, and you will have good fortune for the rest of the year.
  • Taxi to the Bangkok Airport

    Taxi to the Bangkok Airport
    Immediatly after the parade, the team will make their way back to the airport, after making a stop to gather their things at the hotel. They will be spending the night on an overnight flight
  • Face Painting

    Face Painting
    The team will get their faces painted by the locals before the procession begins. It's a long-standing tradition to paint your face with different colors for the parade. A PILGRIMAGE (a journey taken for religious purpose) is taken by many only to join the festivities.
  • Overnight Flight to New Zealand

    Overnight Flight to New Zealand
    The team will board their overnight flight at 7pm, and will arrive in Sydney, Australia at 2am. After a one our layover, they will board again, and three hours later, arrive in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Taxi to Hotel on Devonport

    Taxi to Hotel on Devonport
    The hotel is about two hours away from the Bankok airport, so the taxi fare will be $232. From the hotel, the team will be visiting the Otanewainuku Forest.
  • The Excruciatingly Difficult Search for the Kiwi Bird

    The Excruciatingly Difficult Search for the Kiwi Bird
    After arriving at the Otanewainuku Forest, the team will begin their search for the Kiwi Bird. This particular forest has been untouched by humans, given itts long-term SUSTAINABILITY (endurance over many years).
  • Return to Hotel

    Return to Hotel
    The team will return to the hotel after they've snapped a shot of the world's most endangered birds. They should be up by five am to be on time for the long flight ahaead.
  • Flight to Easter Island

    Flight to Easter Island
    At 5 am the team should be ready for a FIFTEEN HOUR FLIGHT to Lima, Chile. The team will arive at 8pm. From Lima, there will be a three hour flight to Santiago, a three hour layover, and a five hour flight to Easter Island. This will result in the arrival at 9am the next day.
  • Maoi Statues

    Maoi Statues
    Take a tour through Pro Tours Chile to visit the moai statues. The statues are part of the island's MATERIAL CULTURE (art, and structures of a group of people). They were created by the Rapa Nui people and transported to the island. These people are part of an INDIGENOUS culture (a group of people with ties to a particular territory). The Rapa Nui people are spread among one CULTURE REGION (countries that have certain traits in common). They live on Easter Island and scattered throughout Chile.
  • Arrive at Easter Island

    Arrive at Easter Island
    By 9am the next morning the team should have arrived in Easter Island.
  • Gum Gum for Dum Dum

    Gum Gum for Dum Dum
    When visiting the Moai stautes, find, and take picture of three different poses: one standing, one kneeling, and one head. Dont forget to leave a pack of gum before you leave!
  • Leaving Easter Island

    Leaving Easter Island
    The team will leave at 4pm once the tour is over. There will be a four hour flight to Santiago where there will be an our layover. At 7pm they will board a three hour flight to Lima. Then the team will finally take an overnight flight back to Miami.
  • Welcome Home!

    Welcome Home!
    You will reach the Miami International Airport by 4am, marking the end of the Amzing Race!