The Amazing President John Adams

By nmaniar
  • John Adams Born

    He was born in Braintree (now Quincy)
  • Joined Harvard College

    To study law
  • Graduation

    He graduated from Harvard
  • Lawyer

    He decided to become a lawyer
  • Got married

    He married Abigail Smith his third cousin
  • Period: to

    Member of Continental Congress

    John Adams served as a Massachusetts delegate to the Continental Congress
  • Revolutionary War begins

    The first shots were fired at Lexington, Massachusetts
  • The Declaration of Indipendence

    Adams was chosen to sign the Declaration of Independence but the gave the pen to Thomas Jefferson
  • Appointed first Minister to Netherlands

    This is like an Ambassador representing the U.S.
  • Revolutionary War ended

    The Revolutioary War ended when Britan surrenderd
  • Treaty with Britan

    He went with John Jay to sighn a treaty with Britan
  • Treaty of Paris

    Adams lead a group of 5 people to negotiate with Great Britan the end of the war for independence. Treaty of Paris was signed.
  • Envoy Britan

    John Adams became the first person to envoy Great Britan
  • Becomes Vice President of the U.S.

    He was the Vice President under Washington for 2 terms
  • White House Construction Begins

    At first it was called the President's House until 1901
  • Second term as Vice Precident

    He again became the Vice President under George Washington.
  • Whiskey Rebellion Begins

    The Govt. put a lot of taxes on whiskey so the farmers had a protest and hurt the tax collector badly.
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers

    The U.S faught with the Native Americans and lost.
  • Jay's Treaty

    British were taking our saliors and forcing them to join their army so the U.S and Britan had a treaty that the Britan will leave the U.S
  • Greenvill Treaty

    The Native Ameriians sighed the treaty to leave the America land
  • Pinckney's Treaty

    The U.S made a treaty with Spain that the U.S. will not join forces with Britain and in return Spain will give the U.S. the Mississippi river.
  • Becomes President

    John Adams becomes 2nd President of the U.S.
  • XYZ Affair

    Three people came and told the govt. that they want money or else Britain will keep on making troops from U.S. traders.
  • Alien and Sedition Act Passed

    There was a war between France and the U.S and the Americans wondered if the people who moved from France (Alien) are with or against the Americans so the Fedralists made two laws:
    1. President suspecting an Alien doing wrong can put them is jail
    2. Anyone speak against govt. could be arrested
  • Loses Re-election, Retires

    Thomas Jefferson becomes President
  • John Quincy Adams becomes President

    John Adam's son becomes the 6th President. John Adams is very happy.
  • John Adams Dies

    He died on the Independence day and at the age of 91. Suprisingly, Thomas Jefferson died the same day.