The amazing history of the Computer

  • the first typewriter

    the first typewriter
    The first typewriter was invented by William Austen Buit. It is important because it eventualy leads to the key board we have now. Which is why I chose it
  • The first printing calculator

    The first printing calculator
    I chose this because my dad uses them alot and they are really helpful to every one because it adds stuff up and then prints it out so that you don't have to write it down or rememberit
  • comptometer

    I chose this one because it also contributes to the making of the modern keyboard.
  • optical fibers

    optical fibers
    I chose this one because I like optical fibers and they help make it so that the computer can run faster because they dont have to go through wire and light can pass through optical fibers.
  • Silicon chip

    Silicon chip
    This one is important because it is a type of memory that helps the computer remember what it is supposed to be doing. It was invented by the us, Jack kilby and robert noyce
  • the first computer game

    the first computer game
    it was invented by steve russell and mit. I chose it because it is the start of games like fireboy and watergirl, tetris, bloons tower defence etc....
  • Ram

    intel introduces the worlds first available dynamic Ram (random access memory) chip and the first microprocessor
  • Apple computers

    Apple computers
    Steve wozniak and steve jobs formed apple.

    this is important because apple will eventually shape a good portion of the world. With Iphones, Ipods, Ipads etc...
  • nomore typing comands

    nomore typing comands
    windows comes out wit the ability to navigate with the mouse and not have to type every comand for everything that you want to do. I picked this one because it makes working on the computer easier that having to type everything all the time
  • the world wide web

    the world wide web
    the world wide web was invented making it possible to to talk to other people. it also makes reasearch projects easier to do because you can just google the question
  • Java, Amazon, Ebay, Hotmail

    Java, Amazon, Ebay, Hotmail
    Java, Amazon, Ebay, and hotmail were invented and well used now as online stores for everye one to use and buy stuff off of .

    This is one I picked because I love amazon and the fact that I can buy the books that are coming out and then I can get them before the lybrary gets them.