The Amazing Elisabeth Gille

  • Birth

    Elisabeth Gille, birth name Elisabeth Epstein, born in Paris, France.
  • Period: to

    Gille's life

  • Neville Chamberlain Becomes British Prime Minister

    Neville Chamberlain Becomes British Prime Minister
    Chamberlain becoming the Prime Minister lead to the metting with Hitler and eventually his rise of power. The meeting with Hitler ultimately lead to his political significance. If Hitler never gains an image, he never stars the holocaust, and Gille never loses her family.
  • Chamberlain Meets Hitler

    Chamberlain Meets Hitler
    This meeting allowed Hitler to place 300 soldiers on the Czech borders. This was Hitler's first major form of power in Europe and ultimatley lead to WW2
  • France Declares War On Germany

    France Declares War On Germany
    France declared war on Germany, causing Elisabeth Gille's mother to baptize her children in the Christian faith and, eventually, send them to a safe haven at a Christian home.
  • Elisabeth Epstein--> Eliabeth Gille

    Elisabeth Epstein--> Eliabeth Gille
    At this point in her life Elisabeth technically went from a Jewish Elisabeth Epstein, to a Christian Elisabeth Gille. This was basically done against Elisabeht's will in order to keep her safe from the Gespato. This can be found in Shadows of a Childhood when the main chracter goes from Lea Levy to Lea Strauss
  • Germany Invades France

    Germany Invades France
    Germany conquered France causing Gille's parents to lose their jobs, affiliations, and any financial security, The conquering of France then made Nemirovsky, Gille's mother, write about the hardships she had been exposed to. This is also likely the very first time Gille was exposed to literary writing.
  • Anglo Americans Invade Italy

    Anglo Americans Invade Italy
    The Anglo Americans incaded Italy. When the Anglo Americans first invaded Italy it was the first sign of liberation of the Jews. It also made Gille one step closer
  • Gille Goes Into Hiding

    Gille Goes Into Hiding
    Gille goes into hiniding at the home of a Christian family with her sister Denise. This Directly influences the creation of Shadows of a Childhood, becuse the story is about a little girl sent into hiding at age 5. In the book, the main character was basically Elisabeth Gille.
  • Parent Sent To Auschwitz

    Parent Sent To Auschwitz
    Both of Elisabeth Gille's parents were sent Auschwitz and died. Leads to the creation of the book, The Mirador. This effected the creation of the story, because The Mirador is a 'dreamed' recollection of her parents, her mother especially, and had Gille known her parents her whole life The Mirador would not have been nearly as interesting.
  • Mass Arrests For Auschwitz

    Mass Arrests For Auschwitz
    Nazi Germany at this point was entering their conquered territory and arresting any Jewish, or Jewish affiliated, people. This means Gille losing her parents.
  • End of War in Europe

    End of War in Europe
    The war is over in Europe, meaning it is safe for Gille and her sister to live normal lives again, but this time withouth their parents.
  • National Health Services and Welfare State

    National Health Services and Welfare State
    Various welfare realted things helped make life easier for the poor. This also included free education. This is also most likely the reason Gille gained any type of education due to the fact that she was a Jewish orphan in France.
  • NATO Found

    NATO Found
    NATO was made for North American trade, but it was mainly made to help keep the peace in places involved in WW2
  • Coronation of Queen Elisabeth II

    Coronation of Queen Elisabeth II
    Queen Elizabeth being coronated marks the first new queen of Gille's lifetime and paved a road for new oppurtunities for women in England
  • Gille Begins Work At Publish House

    Gille Begins Work At Publish House
    By the age of 21 Gille has started to work at a significant publishing house. This was very significant, becuse this was Gille's first exposure to writing, and eventually lead to her writing career.
  • Diagnosed With Cancer

    Diagnosed With Cancer
    On this date Gille was diagnosed with cancer. This had directly influenced the story Crab in the Backseat, which is a story about people's reactions to her battle with cancer.
  • Death

    Elisabeth Gille dies due to cancer.
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