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The 20th Century's effect on Norway

By steww72
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  • Norway's independence

    This is the date that Norway officially left Sweden to form the independent country of Norway. Before hand it was known as the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. The swedish king was forced to recognize Norway as seperate and a new king, Haakon VII, was given the throne.
  • Women given suffrage

    Norway was the first independant nation to give women the right to vote, and participate in public office. Women were given equal rights as men in all public matters for the first time in any country's history.
  • Norway in World War 1

    Norway although officially remaining neutral in th war, earned the nickname 'The neutral Ally' for their strong support of the allies and hatred of Germans for sinking many Norweigan fishing boats
  • Norway joins the League of NAtions

    Norway was sold on the idea of the league of nations so that war would not erupt in Europe in the near future for Norway was a neutral country and war only hurt her intrests.
  • Great Depression hits Norway

    Norway was hit hard by the depression with its trade, shipping, and banks all posting heavy losses. The currency value drops drastically, and everything remains poor until the start of WWII
  • Norway declares neutrality

    Norway once again declares it's neutrality in the war, though it is pressured early on
  • Norway occupied

    During the Second World War Norway was occupied by Germans and did not cease to be under Nazi control until May8th 1945. Norway was taken over by military rule and a pro-German puppet government was put in place. The royal family and many officials continued to operate in exile from London. Quisling assumes control of Norway
  • German control of Norway ends

    When Germany surrenders, Norway becomes an independent nation again under the same King as previous. Quisling the man in charge during the war is tried and executed. GDP soars, and Norway joins the United Nations
  • Norway joins NATO

    Norway is included in the founding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a group which says if any of the countries are invaded it will be treated as an invasion of all of the countries.
  • Norway helps found the European Free Trade Association

    Norway helped create come together of countries who wish to have trade with one another without tariffs or taxes on the products being traded.
  • Oil found

    The Ekofisk oil field was found by Phillips Petrolium company in 1969. It was found to be one of the ten largest oil fields in the world and set Norway down the path to the oil age.
  • Norway signs free trade agreement with the EEC

    Norway agreed upon having free trade with the precursor to the european union, which is very beneficial for Norway with its multitude of natural ressources.
  • Vardø tunnel opened

    The first subsea tunnel in Norway, in a long line of tunnels. Much of Norway lies on islands so the tunnels were great improvements.
  • King Olaf V dies

    His son Harald V succeeds the throne after hgis father suffered the heart failure.
  • Norway negotiates the Oslo Accord

    Norway brokers for the end of conflict between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization. This lead into the Oslo II accord.
  • 1994 winter olympics

    The city of Lillehammer played host to the 1994 olympic games in Norway. Norway won the msot overall medals with 26. They claimed 10 golds, 11 silvers, and 5 bronze medals.
  • Rejection of European Union

    On the 27th and 28th of November 1994 the citizens of Norway were asked to vote on whether or not the country would join the EU. With 88.6% voter turn out the referendum was turned down by 52.2% of the vote.
  • Norway mediates talks in Sri Lanka

    Norwegian officials took the role of mediation between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers for peace.
  • Norway abolished Bicameral government system

    Norway abolished its system of operation of parliament in favour of a newer more open one. This is the most major constitutional ammendment in Norweigan history.
  • 2011 Norway attacks

    Anders Behring Breivik a 32-year-old right wing extremist was arrested for the assault of the Workers' Youth League children's camp, and a car bomb in Oslo. The attacks claimed 85 victims