First texas flag

Texas Revolution Timeline

  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    The Battle of Gonzales started when Mexican officials asked for a brass cannon from the Texans. The Texans were mad so they buried the cannon and then dug it up and made a flag with a picture of the cannon and the words, "Come and take it." This battle was the start of a war between Texas and Mexico.
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    The consultation was originaly set to take place in October but was delayed to November because few delegates had shown up. This meeting was held to discus what to do about Santa Anna violating the Constitution of 1824. Different factions meet and made a decision to set up a provisional government and to tell the Mexican government that they deserved the right to be an independant country. This provisional government was weak and had no clear leadership.
  • Declaration of 1835

    Declaration of 1835
    This declaration was written during the Consultation. It was made to set up a provisional government and restore the Constitution of 1824. It also discussed the military of Texas and the right to establish Texas as an independent country.
  • Texans Attack of San Antonio

    Texans Attack of San Antonio
    The Texans attacked San Antonio from all sides on December 5th in the morning. They opened fire and forced the Mexicans to surrender. This upset Mexican officials even more made them realize that the Texans had to be put in their place.
  • Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio
    The Texans attacked San Antonio on December 5th from all sides. The Mexicans there could not hold back the Texans and had no choice but to surrender. When word got back to Mexico, Santa Anna sent forces to San Antonio to win back the Alamo.
  • Mexican Army begins marching

    Mexican Army begins marching
    Word of the Texans taking the Alamo had reached Mexico and Santa Anna was mad. He gathered up a couple hundred troops and sent them to the Alamo. This marched ended at the Siege of the Alamo.
  • Period: to

    Siege of the Alamo

    The Mexican army laid a steady wave of fire on the Alamo but didn't advance. As they did so they slowly increased the number of soldiers there. After increasing their forces they attacked on March 6th.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    At this convention the Texans were in a full fledged war with Mexico. They were determined to become their own country, so they met and established the Texas Declaration of Independence. This document set up Texas as a Republic and the government was set up in the Constitution of 1836.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    On March 6th the Mexicans advanced on the Alamo and the Siege was over, the battle had begun. The Texans faught for a while but they were immensly outnumbered and lost the battle. This battle was an inspiration to other members of the Texas military and the battle cry,"Remember the Alamo," was screamed in rememberance of the brave men who died.
  • Constitution of 1836

    Constitution of 1836
    This document was made right after the Texas Declaration of Independence. The Texas Declaration of Independence made Texas a Republic but it didn't go in to detail about the government. Thats where the Constitution of 1836 came in. It explained the new government of Texas.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Goliad Massacre)

    This event was faught after the Alamo as another attempt for Texas independence. The Texans, outnumbered by thousands, were massacred and this caused the Runaway Scrape.
  • Swearing in of the Texas government officials

    Swearing in of the Texas government officials
    Texas officials like Sam Houston are officially sworn into the Texas government. This was the final peice to the Texas government.
  • Period: to

    Runaway Scrape

    The Runaway Scrape was when whole towns of scared Texans evacuated to Harrisburg. Going to Harrisburg they actually ran into the Mexican troops and faught the Battle of San Jacinto where Texans defeated the Mexicans and won their independence.