Texas Rev

  • Battle of Gonzales

    The Battle of Gonzales was the first battle of the Texas Revolution. The people involved were the Texans and some of the Mexican Army. It started when the Texans did not want to give up their cannon, but the Mexican government wanted it back. This is important because it was the start of the Texas Revolution.
  • Siege of Bexar

    This was a big event for the Texans in the Texas Revolution because it was when they defeated the Mexicans and took over San Antonio, which was the center of the Mexican army and forces. Most of the Texans went back to their homes after the victory.
  • Battle of Alamo

    After the Mexican army's defeat at the Siege of Bexar, Santa Anna sent another detachment of the Mexican army. The Mexican army had 4000 men, but the Texans only had 189. As expected, the Mexicans soon defeated the Texans.
  • The Runaway Scrape

    After the Alamo, Santa Anna decided that while he was heading to Gonzales, he would kill all revolutionists that he came across. After hearing this, families quickly rushed to the safety of the United States. Before they left, they made sure to burn down their down, so the Mexican army couldn't get and benefits from it.
  • Travis' Letter

    This event took place when William B. Travis, the leader of the Texans at the Battle of Alamo, sent a letter to people around the world. He asked them for reinforcements, but also said how they wouldn't surrender and keep fighting for success.
  • Battle of Goliad

    This battle took place when James Fannin delayed the Texans' retreat. The Mexican army soon surrounded them in an open field, and defeated them. Then, Santa Anna ordered them to be executed.