Terria's History

By ett6204
  • Discovery Of Terria

    The United States challenged Mexico to a challenge. the first one to discover a new island will get 2.5 million dollars and the island. The mexicans won and got 2.5 million dollars. The United States then inhabited the new island, called Terria, which means "Land".
  • Mt. Fugio Erupts

    One day, scientist Thomas Stevens was walking through the mountian ranges of Terria. He spotted some smoke coming out of a mountian. As he advanced, he found out that there was a volcano in the area. He quickly notified the villagers in the area and they evacuated just in time to see the fire bursting out of the volcano from safe distance. Later, the volcano was named Mt. Fugio, meaning "Mountian of Fire" in Spanish. The volcano helped the villagers be more prepared. Sturdier houses were built.
  • Inventions Made

    Andrew Peterson and his wife, Emily Johnson which were weapon specialists was working in a science lab when they invented four inventions in a year.. They used these weapons in the war between the Mexicans and Terrians. The Spanish thought that the island was protected by Magic. The inventions were guns, radioactive and nuclea bombs, and electric lasers.
  • Independence

    The colonists from America wanted to gat back at the Maxicans so they led the Candy Act. Since the place was well knowned for their sugar, they dumped their supply into the gulf that the ship was leaving. Later, it was called "Gulf Of Caramelo". The Mexicans attacked Terria, but lost to all the battles there. On May 24,1832, Terria became a country.
  • Discoverered Silver

    Miner Charles Silver was mining when he spotted a precious mineral that he sold for 10 million dollars! He named it Silver. The mineral was very popular in Terria. They used it in swords, guns, and jewelery.