Tema: 1899: The Victorians and the Edwardians

  • The first practical steam engine was invented

  • The improved steam enging by James Watt

  • The conveyor was inveted

  • Period: to

    The Victorians Era

  • The development of the radio

  • The telephone was invented

  • The first benzin enging by Nikolaus Otto

  • The first automobil was invented by Karl Benz

  • Benz started selling his automobiles

  • Thomas Robins invented a conveyor with were able to transport coal and stuff like that

  • The first radio broadcast

  • The steam enging got more usefully to trains by Richard Trevitnick

  • Period: to

    Edwardian Era

  • The lie detektor was inventet by Mackenzie

  • Macroni got a nobel price for the envention of the radio

  • Henry Ford was one of the first to use conveyors in production, (cars)

  • The moden lie detektor by Jon Larson