• The First Sketch on a Tv

    The First Sketch on a Tv
    People had a image of what the first tv will look like. So they put together all the pieces in drew it on a piece of paper
  • The first Mechanical Tv

    The first Mechanical Tv
    John Logie Baird was a inventor that had a vision to do a prototype video system which employed a disk
  • Bell Telephone preforms first transfer of video image

    Bell Telephone preforms first transfer of video image
    Was between Washington D.C. and New York City. In the same year, Philo Farnsworth patents his own electronic television system.
  • First electronic television

    First electronic television
    The first television that was invented was by a inventor named Philo Taylor Fransworth
  • First CBS

    First CBS
    Arthur Judson was the founder of CBS He co-founded the Handel Society of New York with entrepreneur James Grayson
  • First television available

    First television available
    The first television was available to the public and in stores
  • First tv station

    First tv station
  • First Public Tv Broadcast

    First Public Tv Broadcast
    Philo Fransworth was also developed the Television's first drama,The Queen's Messenger, is broadcast from Schenectady, New York station WGY
  • First tv Commerical

    First tv Commerical
    During a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. The ad was for Bulova Watches, a company still in operation today. It lasted for only 10 seconds and aired on a local channel in New York called WNBT.
  • First tv remote

    First tv remote
  • First tv Satellite

    First tv Satellite
  • First music video

    First music video
  • Color tv

    Color tv
  • Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network
  • First Smart TV

    First Smart TV
    HP MediaSmart which was released around 2007. More popular was Samsung's Pavv Bordeaux TV 750 which hit the stores in 2008