Teddy Roosevelt

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  • Birth

    Teddy Roosevelt was born to a wealthy family in New York, NY.
  • Teddy Roosevelt Becomes President

    Teddy Roosevelt Becomes President
    President William Mckinley was assassinated during his presidency so that is why we had Roosevelt in the first place. He was an anti-monopolist president and very popular at the time. His reign ended in march of 1909 after an 8-year run.
  • Elkins Act Passed

    Elkins Act Passed
    This act prevented railroads from favoring certain customers and giving rebates, everyone was charged the same rates. Teddy Roosevelt was a primary sponsor of this act and this greatly boosted his popularity.
  • Pelican Island Named First Wildlife Refugee

    Pelican Island Named First Wildlife Refugee
    With Roosevelt naming Pelican Island the first Wildlife Refugee, he also created the National Wildlife Refugee system that, in the run of his presidency, would go on to create 50 more bird reserves and 4 game reserves.
  • Roosevelt wins first full term

    Roosevelt wins first full term
    Roosevelt ran as a Republican against the Democratic candidate, Alton B. He won this election by a landslide and he would go on to serve as president until 1909.
  • Passage of the Food and Drug Act

    Passage of the Food and Drug Act
    Many people used to take advantage of the food and drug trade as there were no laws to regulate it until Roosevelt passed this act that was the first consumer protection agency that prevented any adultered or misbranded food or drugs.
  • Yosemite goes under federal control

    Yosemite goes under federal control
    Roosevelt had a love for all things nature and wished to keep everything natural preserved and beautiful. That was his main reason for putting Yosemite under federal control, it was under threat of commercialization and logging. John Muir was an advocate for the protection of Yosemite and his passion caught the attention of Roosevelt who personally took a tour with Muir of Yosemite so he could make his final decision.
  • Devils Tower becomes first national monument

    Devils Tower becomes first national monument
    Many people wanted to preserve this tower as the number of residents grew. The best way for this tower to be kept secure was by turning it into the first-ever national monument, which was accomplished mainly due to the influence of Teddy Roosevelt as president.
  • Panic of 1907

    Panic of 1907
    The first major worldwide financial crisis of the twentieth century. Two minor brokerage farms went bankrupt, then two men failed to buy shares for a copper mining firm triggered a six-week recession passed in severity only by the great depression. Roosevelt was still president at this time.
  • Roosevelt Leaves for Africa

    Roosevelt Leaves for Africa
    Teddy Roosevelt left New York to take a year expedition in Africa. They arrived in Mombasa, then they traveled through eastern Africa, the Belgian Condo, then finally Sudan.
  • Creation of the Bull Moose Party

    Creation of the Bull Moose Party
    Roosevelt was attending the Republican National Convention when he decided to ask a bunch of his supporters to reconvene at the Chicago Orchestra Hall where he proceeded to create a progressive party he dubbed "The Bull Moose Party." He ran as president again with this party but lost to Woodrow Wilson.