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Teddy Roosevelt

  • Roosevelt is born

    Roosevelt is born
    On October 10th President Roosevelt would be born in New York city to Martha Stuart and Theodore Roosevelt Sr.
  • Roosevelt becomes President after McKinley's death

    Roosevelt becomes President after McKinley's death
    On September 14th once McKinley was assassinated, Roosevelt would be immediately sworn in due to him being the Vice President.
  • Elkins Act Passed

    Elkins Act Passed
    The Elkins act was passed by Roosevelt in order to end rebates/refunds for businesses that used the railroads for product transportation which would negatively impact railroad companies as they would be losing money instead of gaining money.
  • Pelican Island

    Pelican Island
    On March 14th of 1903, President Roosevelt would sign an executive order making Pelican Island a federal U.S. Bird Reservation.
  • Yosemite under federal control

    Yosemite under federal control
    In 1906 the Federal government would take control of Yosemite National park and to this day is still under federal protection all because of Roosevelt declaring large plots of land across the U.S. as national parks in order to protect the wildlife and the area as a whole for the future.
  • Passage of the Pure food and drug act.

    Passage of the Pure food and drug act.
    After reading "The Jungle" which would expose to the world how the american people's food was made and processed in horrible conditions, President Roosevelt would pass the Pure food and Drug act. Making regulations on how products would be made.
  • Devils Tower

    Devils Tower
    In 1906, President Roosevelt brought attention to Devils Tower nationwide by enabling the Antiquities Act, giving the president the capability to set aside national monuments. Devils Tower became the first national monument, established that same year.
  • Roosevelt and Standard oil

    Roosevelt and Standard oil
    In 1906, President Roosevelt would sue the Standard Oil company due to them being a monopoly. The lawsuit would be filed under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.
  • Leaves presidency, visits Africa

    Leaves presidency, visits Africa
    President Roosevelt would resign from presidency to lead an expedition in Africa, He would lead this expedition for the Smithsonian museum and they would collect any form of specimens they would come across for the new National Museum of Natural History.
  • Runs for presidency, unsuccessfully for Bull-Moose Party

     Runs for presidency, unsuccessfully for Bull-Moose Party
    President Roosevelt would run for a third party known as the Progressive Party also known as the Bull Moose Party, However in 1912 he would lose to his conservative rival William H Taft.
  • Roosevelt wins the 1933 election.

    Roosevelt wins the 1933 election.
    In 1933 Democrat presidential Candidate Teddy Roosevelt would win the 1933 election against Herbert Hoover in a complete landslide with Roosevelt winning almost all of the country.