Teddy Roosevelt

  • Roosevelt's birth

    Roosevelt's birth
    On October 27,1858, Theodore Roosevelt was born.
    He then died in 1919.
  • Roosevelt named president

    Roosevelt named president
    After the assassination of President William McKinley, the 43-years old Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest President in America's history.
  • Elkins Act

    Elkins Act
    In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt passed the Elkins Act, which ended the practice of railroad companies granting shipping rebates to certain companies.
  • Expedition to Africa

    Expedition to Africa
    on March 23rd, 1903 Roosevelt and his expeditionary party left New York for Africa, in order to collect specimens for the Smithsonian. This expedition was funded by Andrew Carnegie.
  • First term as President

    First term as President
    In the election of 1904, Theodore Roosevelt defeated the Democratic nominee, Alton.B.Parker.
  • Devil's Tower

    Devil's Tower
    President Roosevelt brought national attention to this monument, authorizing the Antiquities Act. Devil's Tower became the first National Monument
  • Pure food and Drug Act

    Pure food and Drug Act
    In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt passed the Pure Food and Drug Act, which prohibited the sale of misbranded or adulterated food and drugs in interstate commerce.
  • Yosemite under federal control

    Yosemite under federal control
    Yosemite Valley remained under state administration until 1906, when they were returned to federal control and incorporated in Yosemite National Park.
  • Pelican Island

    Pelican Island
    Roosevelt signed an executive order, creating Pelican Island Reservation, the first federal bird preserve, known as the National Wildlife Refuge System.
  • Energy crisis

    Energy crisis
    When Teddy Roosevelt tangled with John D. Rockefeller, near the turn of the 20th century, he became the first president to use the power of the White House against the power of oil.
    Roosevelt won that battle in 1911 when the U.S. Supreme Court approved the breakup of the Standard Oil Company, Rockefeller's company.
  • Bull Moose Party

    Bull Moose Party
    In the election of 1912, Democratic Governor Woodrow Wilson defeated Theodore Roosevelt, who ran under the banner of the New Progressive or Bull Moose Party