Technology Use Progression

  • PlayStation 1

    I was playing the Toy Story game on my PlayStation 1.
  • PlayStation Portable

    I got my first portable gaming system a PSP (PlayStation Portable) and played many games on it. I wish I still had it to be honest.
  • First personal laptop

    I bought my first laptop to use for playing games. It was the most expensive purchase for me at the time and I still have it to this day, though it is VERY outdated by today's standards.
  • Custom PC

    I built my first custom PC that I still use to this day! I have replaced a lot of components throughout the years, but it's still the same computer!
  • Digital Camera

    I bought my first professional digital camera to pursue photography. The funny thing is after I got into digital photography, I found a passion for film photography, so I also purchased many film cameras in 2020 too!