Technology Timeline

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    technology timeline

  • Coloured television

    A TV is an object that is used for entertainment and enjoyment. Color enhances the amount of fun you have.
  • Television remote

    A television remote Is used for controlling a television from a far distant. It is much easier and much more interesting.
  • The internet

    The internet is a series of connecting things together around the world.
  • The email

    The email is a way of communicating with people around the world.
  • The cell phone

    The cell phone is a piece of technology that enables you to talk to people trough Wi-Fi.
  • The octopus card

    The octopus card is a system used to pat fares. It is mostly used when going on trains buses or trams.
  • The modern duo set cistern toilet

    The modern duo set cistern toilet
    The modern duo set cistern toilet is a much more efficient way of saving water and Is much more stylish and unique.
  • PS1

    A PS1 is a gaming devise used for entertainment and fun
  • X-box

    An X-box is a gaming device that is not portable and can be played with controllers. It is very entertaining and is mainly used for fun
  • Fibre optic wire

    More reliable and faster internet service. A cable that is used for going on line