Timeline created by apurva
  • First telephone introduced in Sydney

  • Rail link between Melbourne and Sydney completed

  • Gas room heaters introduced

  • Rail link between Brisbane and Sydney completed

  • First moving pictures shown in Sydney

  • The first car driven in Australia with a top speed of 16 km/h

  • Phonography first played in Australia

  • First succesful wireless transmission heard in Australis

  • First feature film produced in Australia

  • William Farrer producrd drought-resistant wheat

  • Electric street lights first used in Sydney

  • First long-distance radio transmission in Australia between Tasmanian

  • Sydney and Melbourne connnected by telephone

  • The Ford Model T introdced - the first mass produced car

  • G.A Taylor made the first free flight in Australia, in a glider.

  • Fred Custance makes the first powered flight in Australia