Technology Through The Ages

Timeline created by dapivonk
  • The Analytical Machine

    The Analytical Machine
    It was a general purpose, program controlled, and automatic digital computer. It consisted of the mill, the store, the reader, and the printer.
  • Holes In Cards

    Holes In Cards
    The idea came from from the punch card idea of a knitting idea. It was founded by Charles Babbage.
  • Von Neumann Architecture

    Von Neumann Architecture
    von Neumann was cited as the inventor of the merge sort algorithm.

    It stands for the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. It was the first general purpose electronic computer. It was designed to calculate artillery firing tables.

    The UNIVAC I was the second commercial computer produced in the United States.Macintosh, January 1984 It was run by activating pictures on the screen by using a mouse. It is considered the first commercially successful computer that used a GUI. It was replaced eight months later by the “Fat Mac”.
  • HIgh Level Programming Language

    HIgh Level Programming Language
    These allow programmers to write programs independent of particular types of computers.