Technology Progressions During 1980-1990

  • DOS

    In 1980, the original author, Tim Paterson, created DOS (disk operating system) that rubs from a disk drive on a personal computer. Soon after, Microsoft bought the rights to it.
  • IBM PC

    IBM PC
    The IBM's own personal computer was released in 1981 by Bill Lowe. It changed the world by making computers available to consumer and information was able to be processed faster than ones before and it was possible to start playing games on them.
  • Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Word
    Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi launched Microsoft Word (originally named Multi-Tool Word. It was designed for UNIX operating system. It was later used on personal computers that is used now. It was used to edit documents
  • First Commercial Computer

    First Commercial Computer
    Apple Macintosh released a personal computer. The creators are cited as Steve Hayden, Brent Thomas, and Lee CLow.It utilized a graphical user interface instead of having to manually type commands. It had a 3.5 inch floppy disk.
  • HTML

    Tim Berners-Lee developed the Hyper Text Markup Language. It had a purpose to distribute simple documents. It changed the world because it was able to share information that was accessible by others easier. It is a computer language that makes up web pages.