Technology Inventions

By 271116
  • Social Media

    Social interaction all taking place through the internet.
  • High Definition Television

    Became available for domestic use. HD TV has a higher resolution.
  • Laptops

    Became popular in late 90's/ early 00's. A portable computer.
  • The Apple iPod

    Invented in 2000. A small portable device used to play music files.
  • Wifi

    Became popular. A network that uses radio signals to power the internet wirelessly.
  • Smartphone

    First iPhone that was released. Designed by Apple, a phone that is able to use the internet and multimedia.
  • Blu-ray

    Exceeds the standard DVD quality.
  • 3D TV's

    A TV that allows you to see depth perception.
  • Tablet Computers

    A complete computer all in a flat touch screen device.
  • Xobx Kinect

    Controller-free game system that reads your body movements.