Technology History

  • complex number calculator

    The first complex number calculator is completed.
  • Z3 Computer

    Konrad Zuse finishes the Z3 computer.
  • Atanasoff-Berry Computer

    John Atanasoff successfully tests the atanasoff-berry computer which was the first computer to use regenerative capacitor drum memory.

    The first general-purpose electronic digital calculator begins to be constructed.
  • The Collosus

    The Colossus, the first electric programmable computer developed by Tommy Flowers is first
  • Colossus Created

    The first binary, and partially programmable computer, Colossus, was created at Bletchley Park.
  • First Computer Game

    1947 Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. file patent #2,455,992 describing one of the first computer games played
  • William-Kilburn Tube

    Willian-Kilburn Tube is in working order
  • Computers in Use

    2000 Computers are being used in the united states
  • AT&T's Modem

    AT&T introduces the dataphone. It is the first known modem
  • PDP-1

    Digital releases the dpd-1 the first minicomputer
  • IBM Typewriter

    The first IBM typewriter is realeased

    The programing language FORTRAN is created.
  • Spacewars!

    Steve Russel creates spacewars the first game considered made for the computer

    ASCII American Security Code for informantion is developed to exchange date among computers