Technology and Device History

  • 2010 - iPod Touch

    The iPod Touch 1st Generation is the first device I got to myself. It's silver chrome colored, and very functional. I jailbreaked the iPod and played hacked games for free.
  • 2010 - Xbox 360

    My dad got me and my brothers an Xbox 360. We played Halo and Black Ops with our friends. I've played around 130 days of playtime total.
  • 2013 - Lenovo Laptop

    In 2013 I got my very first laptop. I used it to play Minecraft, Roblox, and Bloons Tower Defense 5. I also made music on it. I hacked Roblox and "trolled" people. A very worthy Investment.
  • 2018 - iPhone 6s

    I bought an iPhone 6s with money from my first job. It wasn't mainstream because it was an older release than the iPhone 7 but still a beautiful device. I played games like Pokemon GO and Battle Cats on it. Even though it was my first phone vs. an iPod, I still used it like an iPod.
  • 2022 - iPhone 11

    The iPhone 11 is the nicest piece of technology I own. I dropped my last phone in the salt river. Next day I got it for 700$ because I don't want my dad to own my stuff.