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By Josh_G
  • ABS

    The ABS system was invented by Mario Palazzetti. The use of this braking system drastically increases our braking capabilities. So much that is has become a standard requirement for all vehicles.
  • Dial up days are done

    Dial up days are done
    Joseph Lechleider invented DSL. This is a revolutionary invention, it has changed the speeds at which we can communicate, share, and access information. This has helped to form the internet and create a all access pass to any information that we would like, allowing the population to be better educated.
  • Sky High

    Sky High
    Cloud computing is believed to have been invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. While there is debate on who created it and when, the earliest signs of what resembles the system we have today emerged around 2002. This idea of saving items on to a cloud meant that the user no longer had the store the physical hardware themselves. It was also not limited to one device anymore. This makes technology changes more fluid now that the user does not have to transfer all the data themselves.
  • Apple takeover

    Apple takeover
    The iPhone created by Apple changed the cell phone game. It creates a more efficient and effective way to interact with technology, something that was a challenge on the old flip phones. This was also a big improvement for the touch screen, something that had been attempted and absolutely butchered prior to the iPhone.
  • Empowering Apps

    Empowering Apps
    CEO Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt created an app that allowed your average joe to get involved in the stock market. This loosens the grip of wall street and allows individuals to have more control of who they support with their funds. This increasing the flow of cash and ultimately stimulating the economy that much more.