By osle
  • 3200 BCE


    Krishna is the incarnation of the God Vishnu. These gods are from the religion of Hinduism. Krishna is also one of the most popular and worshiped Hindu deities.
  • 2700 BCE

    "Standard of Ur"- Bottom panel

    "Standard of Ur"- Bottom panel
    The standard of Ur is a Sumerian mosaic. The mosaic represents war and peace. This part which is the bottom part represents peace. part consists of blue and creme.
  • 1500 BCE

    The Vedas (ca.)

    The Vedas (ca.)
    The Vedas or also known as sacred knowledge are religious text. These texts are part of the religion of Hinduism. These books contain fundamental knowledge.
  • 1500 BCE

    Palace of Minos at Knossos

    Palace of Minos at Knossos
    Palace of Minos located at Knossos on the island of Crete is a lovely historical architecture. Who was destroyed by an earthquake and the Myceneans. In the photograph we can appreciate was left of this historical architecture. Also, we can appreciate the colors that cover what is left of this palace. The colors that this historical architecture still has are blue, red and yellow.
  • 400 BCE

    Dialect method

    Dialect method
    The dialect method is a question-and-answer style made famous by Socrates. He used this method trough his whole life. He would ask his students question a not tell them the answer. He believed that they were going to get the answer through dialog.
  • Hamlet

    Hamlet is tragedy written by Shakespeare. Hamlet is the prince of Denmark. Hamlet comes back home due to his father dead. On his return home he meets we the shocking news that his uncle is married to his mom and it's in the throne now. Hamlet finds the shocking news that his uncle killed his father. Now he wants to avenge his father's death.
  • "Bright Star"- Jhon Keats

    "Bright Star"- Jhon Keats
    Jhon Keats was one of the poets who used nature in their poems. On this poem he used a star. That star he's comparing it with himself. Based on what I understand he's declaring eternal love to his lover.
  • Descartes

    Descartes or the father of modern philosophy, developed one of the branches of philosophy: Epistemology. This branch is known as fundamentalism. Descartes also has famous quote that say "I think therefore I am".
  • La Sagrada Familia- Antonio Gaudi

    La Sagrada Familia- Antonio Gaudi
    La sagrada Familia its church in Spain by Antonio Gaudi. This church has gothic look on the outside but on the inside of it is more colorful. This church's construction started in 1882 and until this day is still under construction.
  • The motion picture

    The motion picture
    This 20th century invention created the movie business. It was invented by Lumiere. Back then movies were black and white and silent. Now we have color they are not silent. The quality was not as good as todays.
  • The entertainer- Scott Joplin

    The entertainer- Scott Joplin
    Scott Joplin is compositor. He composed this lovely piano piece. It lasts about 3 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • Airplane

    Airplanes are a 20th century invention. They were invented by two brothers called the Wright brothers. This invention currently makes it easier to get across the sea. The first airplane was not as safe as today's airplanes, and I believe only two people could get on it.
  • Cotton Mill Girl- Lewis Hine

    Cotton Mill Girl- Lewis Hine
    Cotton Mill Girl by Lewis Hine is a photograph that documents child labor. On this photograph it was captured a girl working next to a dangerous machine, that could have cost her life. This beautiful photograph shows the reality of kids 119 years ago. This child laborers would younger than 16. This photograph made a social change.
  • "Dreams"- Langston Hughes

    "Dreams"- Langston Hughes
    Dreams is a poem that expresses the importance to hold on too dreams. In some way the poem warns (us) the readers how if we don't hold on to dreams, how empty and depressing life becomes. It also gives us the understanding that dreams are some type of hope. The author of this poem which Langston Hughes took a big part in Harlem Renaissance.
  • Thunderstorm, Yosemite Valley

    Thunderstorm, Yosemite Valley
    Thunderstorm, Yosemite Valley is photograph that shows more of an artistic purpose. In this photograph can be appreciated the beauty of a thunderstorm at Yosemite Valley. On this photograph we can appreciate how intense the weather can be at Yosemite Valley. This shows us how the view it's not always clear skies.
  • Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry

    Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry
    Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry is a rock and roll classic. Chuck Berry is known as the father of rock and roll. This song lasts about 2 minute and 40 seconds. The song also has a fast tempo and it's danceable. Not only that, but the song also it is telling a story.

    The GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM by Frank Lloyd is a lovely architecture but a weird one at the same time. Despite this being a museum that exhibits art. The same Guggenheim Museum interior is part of the exhibition. The reason why it's part of the exhibition it's because the exhibition starts at the top of the museum and as you make your way down the museum you go in circles.
  • Ballon Girl- Banksy

    Ballon Girl- Banksy
    Banksy it's a street artist, whose identity nor name hasn't been revealed. His art its controversial and political. The ballon girl it's a political painting. This painting symbolizes the loss of innocence. This is not the only painting of the ballon girl there are around London.

    This lovely artwork by jade fadojutimi. It's a 21st century abstract painting. this painting has a lot of colors, and it also has texture.