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Taylor Swift

  • Early Life of Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift was born on December 13th, 1989, on a christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pa ("Taylor Swift"). She starting singing not long after learning how to talk. At 12 years old, Taylor began writing original songs about boys her broke her heart and any feelings she experienced. Trying to follow her dreams, Taylor would beg her mom to drive her to Nashville so she could sing in small bars and get her name out in the country capital.
  • Taylor Releases First Single: "Tim McGraw"

    Hardwork pays off and Taylor is proof. Swift's breakout single, "Tim McGraw," which she began writing in her freshman math class, hits country radio airwaves ("Taylor Swift). Her single was released with Big Machine Records. Taylor would bake cookies and bring copies of her singles to radio stations around nashville to promote herself.
  • Taylor Releases First Single "Time McGraw" Continued

    (If link doesn't work, search on YouTube "Tim McGraw Billboard" and click first vid)Click to see Taylor singing her song at Billboard studios (Taylor Swift- Tim McGraw Acoustic Live). At 16 years old, Taylor's first single peaks at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Later down the road, while performing her hit at the CMAs in 2007, Swift finally meets Tim McGraw and serenades him with the lyrics of her first single.
  • Taylor Wins the Horizon Award

    At the Country Music Association Awards, 17-year-old Swift performs her latest hit, "Our Song" before winning the coveted Horizon Award. "I can’t even believe that this is real," she says during her acceptance speech. "I want to thank God and my family for moving to Nashville so I could do this. The fans – you have changed my life. This is definitely the highlight of my senior year!" ("Taylor Swift"). Winning this award foreshadows her explosion of fame over the next few years.
  • Front Cover Debut Continued

    Front Cover Debut Continued
    Since winning her award, Taylor has written songs she will forever be known for. "Fearless" is the headline of her upcoming tour. As a first for Taylor, "RollingStone" Magazine interviewed her when she was 19 years old. By now, she 's sold 6 million copies of her first and second albms, making her the bestselling artist of 2008 ("The Very Pink, Very Perfect Life Of Taylor Swift"). Taylor is a perfectionist and is in charge of everything she produces or writes; That's what makes her unique.
  • Front Cover Debut

    Front Cover Debut
    As seen on the picture to the left, Taylor Swift made headlines showing off her signature curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Her "good-girl" look is what gained her respect from mothers and envy from daughters. Taylor's pure reputation is what sets her apart from other celebrities. She was photographed by Peggy Sirota for the March 2009 issue.
  • Red Tour

    After her first extremely two successful tours ("Speak Now" and "Fearless"), Taylor launched her most recent act, "The Red Tour". As if she couldn't break any more records, Taylor sold more than 1.2 million copies in the U.S in Red's first week of release. Her "Red" album scored the highest first-week debut of any album in over a decade ("My Life"). The Red Tour will take on 66 shows in 47 cities in North America over a period of six months ("Taylor Reveals Hopes for Red Tour").
  • Red Tour Continued

    In addition to living her dream life, Taylor ranks number three on the Forbs "Highest Paid Women" list. Besides records selling, she has had concert performances throughout 2013 as well as nice income from her endorsement deals with Sony, Covergirl, and Diet Coke. 2013 was a great year for Taylor, after all, she brought in $55 million (Paulson).
  • Taylor Swift Recieves the Pinnacle Award

    At the 2014 CMA awards, Taylor Swift was honored with the prestigious Pinnacle Award. It has only been given out to one other country superstar, Garth Brooks (Bailey). By the young age of 23, Taylor has sold 26 million albums, 75 million song downloads, and "Red" reached number one on the charts in over 50 countries. Taylor donated millions of dollars to disaster relief centers and opened The Taylor Swift Education Center (Taylor Wins Pinnacle Award").