Taylor Swift

  • Taylors Birth

    She was born on December 13th, 1989 in Pennsylvania, U.S. When she was little she lived on a Christmas tree farm with her parents and brother
  • Childhood

    When she was little, she won a national poetry competition with a poem named “Monster in my closet”. She also started writing her own songs around that age and that's when she knew she had a talent for writing and singing.
  • Teenager

    When she was 11, she started writing simple songs and to sing them at karaoke competition and local fairs.
  • National Anthem

    National Anthem
    Taylor Swift sang the American National Anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers basketball game. It was clear early on she was destined to be a star.
  • First Contract

    First Contract
    14-year-old Taylor signed a record deal with Sony/ATV, becoming the youngest signing in the company's history.
  • Beginning of her career

    Beginning of her career
    Her first song, Tim McGraw was released in 2006 and in 2007 she sang it at the ACM (Academy of Country Music) in front of Tim McGraw.
  • Joe Jonas

    Joe Jonas
    Taylor´s first boyfriend was Joe Jonas from the famous band "The Jonas Brothers". The dated in 2008 and she said that thats the relationship she regrets the most.
  • Taylor vs. Kanye

    Taylor vs. Kanye
    Taylor won the Best Female Video of the year at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her victory was interrupted because Kanye West came on the stage unauthorized and took the mic from her and stated that Beyonce should have won. Later that night, Beyonce won the award for Video of the Year. Beyonce invited Taylor on stage to finish her speech that was interrupted by Kanye West.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal

     Jake Gyllenhaal
    "All too well" is a song she dedicated to her ex Jake who she dated in 2010. 12 years later, when she recovered the ownership to her music, she remade it as a 10 minute song with a short movie as a video staring Dylan O´brien and Sadie Sink.
  • Speak Now

    Speak Now
    Taylor released her third album named "Speak now". On this album, the singer spoke out against industry insider Bob Lefsetz who had said some negative things about her and her decision to perform with Stevie Nicks at the Grammy Awards.
  • First Nomination

    First Nomination
    This year she was nominated to her first Grammy for her new album "Fearless"
  • Harry Styles

    Harry Styles
    She dated Harry Styles at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. The fans on both sides thinks that this was a stunt relationship because both of this artists were very famous at the time. She dedicated Style to him.
  • Red Tour

    Red Tour
    Taylor embarked on her 'Red' World Tour. During this tour, she became the first female artist in history to sell out the Allianz Stadium in Sydney, Australia with a 40,900 capacity, since it opened in 1988. Plus, her hit song 'I Knew You Were Trouble', rumored to be about, Harry Styles, won Best Female Video at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards
  • Release of 1989

    Release of 1989
    Taylor Swift released ‘1989’ on October 27, 2014. The album became the singer’s best-selling album. The hits of the album were ‘Shake It Off’ and ‘Blank Space".
  • A year off

    A year off
    From 2016 to 2017, Taylor took a year off because of all the recent drama with Kanye of his song "Famous".
  • Taylor meets current boyfriend

    Taylor meets current boyfriend
    Taylor met Joe Alwyn, her current boyfriend. Now they are engaged and is her longest relationship. They´ve been together for 7 years

    When she came to the lights again she released her most controversial album, Reputation. Her previous albums were mostly about love and heartbreak and this one was Taylor being empowered and brave.
  • Taylor takes control

    Taylor takes control
    Big Machine, the label to which Taylor Swift was formerly signed was purchased by Scooter Braun’s company for approximately $300 million. This gave Scooter Braun complete control of the singer’s back catalog. This includes her master recordings. Swift then shares that Braun had been bullying her. The singer later announced that she would re-record all her previous albums to reduce the value of Scooter Braun’s purchase.
  • Lover

    The singer’s seventh album was a little different from her previous albums. ‘Lover’ was a highly upbeat record. She sang Lover with Shawn Mendes and ME! with Brendon Uriel, the singer of Panic! at the disco.
  • Best female artists

    Best female artists
    On August 8, 2020, Taylor became the first artist to debut at the number one spot on both the Hot 100 and US albums chart at the same time.
  • Grammy´s

    Taylor Swift has 44 nominations to the Grammys and 11 wins! That makes her the second highest female winner after Beyonce.
  • Activity

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