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Taylor Swift

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  • Taylor swift was born

    Taylor swift was born
    This is the date Taylor swift was born. Taylor grew up in Wyomissing, PA on a Christmas farm. She is the daughter of Andrea Gardner and Scott Kingsley Swift. Taylor has one younger brother named Austin and her grandmother was an opera singer.
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    Taylor Swift

  • Trying to get record deals

    Trying to get record deals
    At the age of 11 she made her first trip down to Nashville trying to hand out demos of her singing karaoke but she was let down by all the companys. She was asked to sing at a US Open Tennis and thats when it got her a lot of attention.
  • Getting record deals

    Getting record deals
    Taylor Swift turned down RCA Records because of the deals they wanted to put her on. When she sang at a Nashvilles songwriters venue at the Blue Bird Cafe she caught the attention of Scott Brochetta.He signed her to his newly formed record label call the Big Machines Record.
  • Getting Hired

    Getting Hired
    When Taylor Swift was 14 she got hired by Sony/ATV publishing house, she was the youngest songwriter ever hired.
  • Getting famous

    Getting famous
    Taylor released her song Tim McGraw and it reached number 6 on Billboards magazines. She soon let out her first album and it sold 39,000 copies in its first week. It almost got number 1 for Top Country Albums and it got number 5 for billboard. She is one out of three people that stayed on the top for more then 20 weeks this decade.
  • Winning awards

    Winning awards
    Taylor won top new female vocalist for year 2007 her first big award
  • First movie

    First movie
    "Today was a Fairytale" is a sound track for the movie "Valentines Day" and that is the first movie she acted in