2013 clip art


By ghe5
  • Almost born at a game

  • Disney World

    I went to disney world and all I can remember is the the iron. My mom was flat ironing her hair when she put it down to get something. I did know any better so I went and touched the hot part. I had burnt my hand really bad. It was blistering and I had to wrap my hand up. That night I screamed so much I had to go outside for dinner.
  • My Birthday Party

    I went to Sweet n' Sassys for my party. My mom let us ride in a pink limo that came with the party. We rode only for a little but it was fun. I felt like a popstar.
  • Disney World

    When we went to Disney World my favorite rides were Soaring, Tower of Tarrer, and Rockin Rollercoaster.They were amazing. Soarig is a motion ride, Rockin Rollercoaster is a rollercoaster, and Tower of Tarrer is a drop tower.
  • Getting My Dog Richie

    I got my dog Richie after they said no twice and then said "Yes". We went to look at him in a play place and they said they would come to our house. They came to our house that Thurseday and gave him to us. When they opened the door he sprinted out and jumped on us. It was great!
  • Wet n' Wild

    My sister was turning the big 13 so for her party we went to Wet n' Wild. I was so happy and I went on two scary rides. First you sit in a tube and steeply slide down 40 feet. Then you slide down backwards. The other one is where you get on a skinny slide and go straight down about 75 to 100 feet. I was so proud of myself!
  • Whit Water Rafting

    I went white water rafting with some friends and some of my family. There were great big rapids since it had rained a few days earlier. One rapid sucked you under if you fell out and would shot you out somewhere else. I did not fall out. It was so fun.
  • Rockmont

    I did the zipline where you ride in the air, then hit the water. I also did the blob where you make some one fly in the air then the another person makes you fly.You land in the water though. Also the gullie washer where you go down a big slide in to the water. I did a lot of climbing also. It waas the best!