Tax Fraud Resolution

Timeline created by taxedout
  • Return from deployment. YAY!

  • Filed 1st tax return - rejected

  • Filed 2nd tax return - rejected, again!

  • Mailed ID theft affidavit and paper copy of tax return

  • Confirm with IRS that ID & SSN had been stolen

    Called IRS after reading article about Tampa officials appearing before Congress about tax fraud. IRS verified that my affidavit was received on 13 Feb 2012, and my paper tax return/1040 was received on 23 Feb. Was informed that I will be contacted by a case worker on or about 23 May (90 days)
  • Class action lawsuit??

    Contacted the office of John Staack, Esq. His office in Clearwater has filed a FOIA request with the Middle District of Florida and has 200+ names registered on his mailing list as interested in a class action lawsuit again the government. To my understanding, its not to find fault with letting the tax returns go to criminals, but because their investigation and refund timelines is in excess of 2 years.
  • Contacted IRS Tax Advocate

    IRS representative "Mrs Rose", Rep # 1000270249, stated that I do not qualify for the "Tax Advocate" service, unless I meet one of the following "verifiable" categories:
    1) Risk of eviction
    2) Risk of foreclosure
    3) Medical/Health Emergency
    4) Utility shutoff
    5) Vehicle Repossession
    I meet none of those categories, but "Mrs Rose" said unless I meet those categories, I do not need an advocate because I will get my return eventually. She admitted that "it could take a long time." Well, no kidding
  • Created blog

  • CNN Contact

    Senior Producer Scott Zamost contacted me about building the follow-on story for the national tax fraud story. I provided my blog address, but in my opinion I'm not sure my information is quite what they are looking for to gain heightened interest.
  • Fox13 Contact

    Tanya Arja from the local Fox affiliate contacted me for an interview sometime next week. So far, everyone I have talked to has been very pleasant and interested in this issue (or at least appears to be) and Tanya is no different. I look forward to sharing my story with others if the opportunity presents itself!
  • Interview with Fox 13 Tampa

    Interview with Fox 13 Tampa about my personal experience with tax fraud and identity theft.
  • Interview airs on Fox 13

  • Contacted to participate in class action lawsuit

  • Interview with New York Times

    Phone interview (8 pm) with Lizette Alvarez, Miami resident reporter with the New York Times
  • Case Update

    Spoke with Ms Kelly, #1306598. Case worker assigned on 17 May. Was informed that I will need to wait another 90 days for the case worker to contact me. This is contrary to the information provided in Feb/March, where I was informed that I would actually receive a notice in the mail by 23 May. New contact date is Approx 23 Aug 2012
  • IRS update - light at the end of the tunnel?

    @ approx 1430 EST. Mrs Patron (#0678121): Claimed no case worker assigned (!); this is contrary to all previous reps' info; Mrs Patron indicated the previous reps were wrong & provided misinformation; She stated the investigation is closing & the IRS is currently deleting the fraudulent account; my verified return is being processed (due 9/21), I must call if not rec'd by this date; all returns for 3+ yrs must be verified via letter with IRS
  • Notice for payment due from IRS

    Rec'd notice from IRS stating my Form 1040 was changed at my request (what request was that!?) and that I owe $6,767.53 by Oct 8th. Contacted Tanya Arja from Fox 13, and will send certified letter of appeal on Monday, and contact Senator Bill Nelson and Congresswoman Kathy Castor before the week is done.