tarea david moller

  • I was born in U.S.A. in Coral Springs

  • Period: to

    this is the time of my life

  • Period: to

    I was on the hospital because I had problems to breath

  • I went to live in Spain

  • the twin towers where destroyed by Osama

  • I did my first steps

  • I knew the snow

  • I felt and I beat my tongue and it cut in the half

  • I enter to my first school the SEC

  • I went to xanadoo to skate in snow

  • I enter to the American School of Madrid

  • I came to live in Colombia

  • I enter to the T.E.S.

  • I move to guaymaral

  • I graduated from transition

  • my brother did the first comunion

  • Juan Manuel Santos wins the presidental elections

  • My father died

  • My dog FIFA was born

  • I did my first comunion

  • Osama Bin Laden died

  • Period: to

    this was 4 grade

  • Muamar Gadafi died

  • I graduated from primary

  • I enter to 5 grade

  • the Real Madrid wins the "supercopa"

  • todays date