Tara's ERATS Timeline

By tlere
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    My time at ERATS

  • Prom 2010

    Prom 2010
    My first time MCing chaperoning East Range Academy's prom
  • First school lock in

    First school lock in
    the student council decided to hold an all night lock-in and I was lucky enough to chaperone. Here I am with some students when they were in 10th grade- they have since graduated.
  • Lock-in #2

    Lock-in #2
    The first lockin was so successful we had another one a few months later! This is me and my son with our faces painted. My daughter did my artwork.
  • Prom 2011

    Prom 2011
    This is a student that I still keep in touch with at her senior prom. She just had a baby and it's fun to see her as a mom.
  • First Senior Trip

    First Senior Trip
    The school decided to take the seniors on a senior trip to the Cities. I was the senior advisor, so of course I had to chaperone :) Here is the group at the Hard Rock Cafe just before it closed.
  • Sock'em Pop'em Fundraiser

    Sock'em Pop'em Fundraiser
    The drama club had a sock'em pop'em fundraiser where teachers "fought" each other. There was no actual fighting, we just dressed and acted crazy. The students loved it! This is me and the math teacher.
  • South Dakota

    South Dakota
    The seniors voted to go to South Dakota and of course I got to go! What a great trip!
  • MN State Fair

    MN State Fair
    My school takes a trip to the state fair every year so I go with. The had an alphabet booth :)
  • Senior Trip 2013

    Senior Trip 2013
    We went back to the Cities again with 14 seniors and had a blast. We were gone for 4 days and experienced a lot! This is the crew at thr Federal Reserve Bank.