Syrian uprising

Syria Fighting Back

  • Troops Kill Many in Deraa

    Troops Kill Many in Deraa
    By this time protester have spread acroos Syria in order to force their President Bashar al-Assad to step down. On this day thousands of protesters were shot at and 22 people were killed by troops. This just angered the people even more and protesters still continued to march down the streets.
  • Syrian Security Forces Take Banias

    Syrian Security Forces Take Banias
    Syrian forces overtake the city and arrest many protesters and involed 1,000 of people. Syrian rights groups say more than 560 civilians have been killed by security forces since the start of the unrest.six weeks of protests which began with demands for greater freedoms and now seek his overthrow.
  • A Symbol for Syria

    A Symbol for Syria
    On this day the Syrian Revolution had a new symbol to demonstrate what they were protesting against. Their symbol was a 13 year old girl boy named Hamza al-Khatib who was taken by forces, tortured, and sent back to his family dead. He and his horrible death os now the symbol of the revolution in order to stop this brutality in the future.
  • Assad Orders Tanks to Rebel Towns

    Assad Orders Tanks to Rebel Towns
    Syrian tanks were sent to take out anti-government protesters 3 were killed and lead many to peole leave the area. Many more tanks were sent out to other areas and killed more people,
  • Push for Democracy

    Push for Democracy
    Groups on this day form a national council in order to work together to overthrow Assad. After the council was formed came another weekend of death that had 2,700 killed. Then the council rejects any foreign intervention or military operations to bring down Assad's regime but look to the international community to "protect the Syrian people".