Switchfoot by Adia

  • birthdate

    Jon Foreman was born in San Bernardino County, California on october 22, 1970
  • Period: to


  • becomes a band

    becomes a band
    jon foreman the leader of Switchfoot became a band and they loved it
  • third album

    third album
    Switchfoot made thier third album in 2000 called Learning to Breathe and it was released
  • A Walk to Remember

    A Walk to Remember
    Switchfoot released A Walk to Remember in 2002
  • major record label

    major record label
    switchfoot made a major record deal in 2002 as well
  • best album

    best album
    Switchfoot released their best and fastest selling album in 2003 called Beautiful Letdown
  • second single

    second single
    in 2004 Switchfoot released thier second single, Dare You to Move
  • switchfoot said

    switchfoot said
    Swithfoot said that "We are christians by faith, not genre"
  • birthday

    turned 32
  • Brighter Future

    Brighter Future
    Switchfoot looks forward to a brighter future