Swimming Focus

  • Practice Begins

    Introduce coaches and meet swimmers; make everyone feel included
  • 1st Week Focus

    Getting in shape and teaching correct freestyle technique
  • First Test Set

    First Test Set: 1 x 75. Establish baseline.
  • 2nd Week Focus

    Do a lot of kicking and work on proper freestyle technique. Slowly start increasing volume week to week. Add some backstroke.
  • 2nd test set

    2 x 75. Monitor changes from previous week's time on 1 x 75.
  • Time Trials

    Test for all age groups on Freestyle, Breaststroke, and Individual Medley. Include warmup, warmdown and a short training set after time trials.
  • Time Trials

    Second day of time trials. Test all ages on backstroke, butterfly, and distance freestyle. Include warmup/down swims and a short training set afterwards.
  • 3rd Week Focus

    Increase volume and start adding in other strokes. Teach and work on prime stroke techniques. Try to have an aerobic component in 3-4 practices.
  • 3rd Test Set

    3 x 75 FAST. Monitor changes in times from last two weeks' test sets.
  • 4th Week Focus

    Do a lot of stroke work, aerobic sets, and add in some racing techniques such as starts, turns, and finishes, as our first meet is this week.
  • 1st Dual Meet

    We are at home against Stony Lane. They're very good so only rest on day of meet; otherwise, train through.
  • 5th Week Focus

    Continue to push swimmers hard in training with aerobic and tough sets. Keep up a focus on technique with continual teaching and drills.
  • 2nd Dual Meet

    We are at home against Rose Valley. We should beat RV easily so train through this meet.
  • Time Trial: IM and Dist Fr

    Time trial the IMers and distance freestylers to give them an opportunity to race this event. Encourage everyone to try to swim their best times.
  • 6th Week focus

    Continue tough training this week as we're in the middle of the season. Keep teaching technique, especially starting to talk about racing technique more and racing skills.
  • 3rd dual meet

    We have our third dual meet against Plymouth. We are close to them in ability so rest two days for this meet.
  • 7th Week Focus

    We are getting close to our championship season so teach less technique. Still keep up hard aerobic sets and add some more speed. Continue drills to encourage correct swimming.
  • 4th dual meet

    We are facing Rose Tree Woods at home. We are close to them in ability so rest two days for this meet. This is the last meet to qualify for A Champs so maybe even three days rest.
  • Time Trials

    Time trial IM, Dist free, and any other events as this is the last day to make A Champs cuts.
  • 8th Week Focus

    Decrease volume slightly and add in a lot of speed work. Still do a couple days of aerobic sets and continue drills. Practice racing skills and technique, but don't teach-just remind.
  • 5th dual meet

    This is our last dual meet-wallingford is good so I'm not sure how this will turn out. Check times to gauge how much we should rest for the meet.
  • B Champs

    Those that are swimming in B Champs should have a very easy week before their meet. Make sure to put the focus on speed and racing all out!
  • Dist Fr Champs

    Dist Fr Champs! Depending on swimmer and time maybe teach them how to pace two weeks prior.
  • 9th Week Focus

    Lots of speed and more rest (but not too little) for people going to Dist Fr, IM, and A Champs meets. Don't talk about technique; just encourage them to race fast! All positive!
  • IM Champs

    3 x 50 warmup: FL-BK, BK-BR, BR-FR. Don't teach technique: just encourage them to do what they've learned and worked on all season and race tough!
  • A Champs

    Quality warmup. Remember in whole last week: Too much sometimes affects swimmers but too little always affects them!