Super pou

By pouris
  • thomas edison died

  • albert einstein died

    albert einstein died
  • Born and hatch

    When I was born i feel so alive. I like it very much. but i cry in frount of the hospital.
  • 1 years old

    I grown up to be 1 years old. But I am still a kid. so I can still play what ever I want.
  • second birthday

    I love my second birthday. We have choclate cake. I was super yummy.
  • 2 years old

  • Pous great great great granmother Died

    it was realy sad. when i was only 3 my greart great grandmother died. I can't even remember her face.
  • first iphone

    first iphone
    It was the first phone that was used by finger. I want to have one but I didn't get one so I got a blackberry. It was so hitech.
  • china

    I went on a tour to china. It was so exhausting. I want to go back again to china.
  • first fake phone

    first fake phone
    It was about 2000฿. And it was so fake. I used it about 10 dasy and it was broken.
  • clash of the titans

    clash of the titans
    It was so fun. But it is quite violent. The most part that I like is when they kill the krackan.
  • first phone

  • megamind

    It was so funny when megamind was bitten by his own robot.
  • Cast

  • Fruitia

    It was so yummy. It is a candy. Everyone in grade 4 love it.
  • japan 2011 earthquake

    japan 2011 earthquake
  • when biladin died

  • first bisac time

  • first time to plar race city

    It was kind of fun but it is too exaggerate. it was kind of hard to play. And was kind of cool and have a cool style.
  • first time to watch furry vengeance

    first time to watch furry vengeance