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  • Bird has elective mutism

    The main character Bird short for Alberta has elective mutism, she chooses not to talk.
  • The new horse

    The new horse
    A new horse came to Saddle Creek Farm where Bird and her aunt Hannah live. Bird was amazed by the creature and tried to figure him out.
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  • Animals can hear her thoughts and she can hear theirs

    Bird has a gift to hear the thoughts of animals and the animals can hear her thoughts. This is how Bird can really communicate with the abused horse Sundancer.
  • Bird said her first word since she was six

    Bird had said the word SUNDANCER to her aunt Hannah wich was the name of the new horse that she named. This was amazing Bird hadn't spoken since she was six years old.
  • Birds mother is ashamed to have a daughter with elective mutism

    When Birds mother Eva, her sister Julia, and Randy (Eva's new boyfriend )paid an unexpected visit to Bird and her aunt Hannah, Eva has asked Hannah to act like Bird was her daughter so that Randy wouldn't know that she has a daughter with elective mutism.
  • Bird rode Sundancer people were amazed.

    Bird rode Sundancer people were amazed.
    During the visit of Birds family she wanted to show Julia that she could ride Sundancer. Bird jumped onto Sundancer's back and started riding him. Eva and Hannah saw her and were amazed at her talent.
  • Bird tried to show her mother Eva who she really was.

    Bird does things to make her mother notice that she is who she is and does not want to be someone that her mother wants her to be.
  • Hector the dog dies

    Hector the dog dies
    As Randy drives out of the driveway hes does not see Hector sleeping and drives over him. Hector says his last thoughts to Bird and passes away.
  • Randy found out that Bird was Eva's daughter

    When Eva's and Hannah's dad comes over he is confused about people sayng that Bird is Hannah's daughter so he sets things straught about Bird being Eva's daughter. Randy discovers that this is indeed the truth he storms out and leaves.
  • Eva wants to be Birds mother and care for her

    Eva has finally accepted who Bird is and forgives her for all of the years that she didn't.
  • Bird and Sundancer are going to the Rockhill show

    Bird and Sundancer are going to the Rockhill show
    Hannah trains Bird how to ride and jump and they decide to go to a show. The show will go well if Sundancer is having a good day if he is having a bad day the show will be a disaster.
  • Sundancer had bad memories from the past, and it started out as a bad day.

    While they were at the Rockhill show Sundancer was having a bad day and horrible memories from the past came back. He reacted badly about being at the show and madea bad impression.
  • A tall man from Owen stables is trying to reclaim Sundancer/Prince Redwood

    A tall man from Owen stables is trying to reclaim Sundancer/Prince Redwood
    At the show there was a tall man who was trying to reclaim Sundancer as Prince Redwood because he claims that they own his sire. Sundancer and the rest of the family quickly left before they could take him away because Sundancer was very scared of the tall man, he was the man who abused him in the past.
  • Bird and Sundancer ran away

    Bird and Sundancer ran away
    The people from Owens stables were going to pick up Sundancer, but before they came Sundancr and bird ran away in the middle of the night. They jumped over paddock fences and ran through mud all the way to
  • Eva said I love you for the very first time

    Eva said I love you for the very first time
    Hannah and Eva were very worried about Bird and when they finally found her Eva hugged Bird so tight and told her I love you for the very first time to Bird.
  • Leon Parish stole Sundancer

    A deal was made with Hannah and the people from owens stables that a very good rider from owen stables (Leon Parish), would try and ride Sundancer and if he has no problems then Leon Parish would ride him and not Bird. The night before Leon was supposed to ride Sundancer but he was put on the task to steal Sundancer so that he would be gone in the morning.
  • A new deal has been made

    Everyone had decided that Bird rides and connects with Sundancer the best. Therefore a deal has been made that Sundancer would stay at Hannahs farm and Bird would be the one riding him from now on, but he he would still be owned by owens stables.
  • Bird and Sundancer are going to the Haver Ford fair

    Bird and Sundancer are going to the Haver Ford fair
    Sundancer was feeling really good at the Haver Ford fair, they won a lot of first place ribbons and made a great impression. People were amazed and Birds whole family was very proud of her.
  • Sundancer wins the Grand Classic

    The Grand Classic is a show where for the first round you ride your own horse but for the second round there will be a draw for which horse you will be riding in the second round. Bird happened to draw Leons horse and Leon happened to pick Sundancer. Leon had put something sharp under the saddle pad of his horse so that he would be hurt when Bird got on his back. Bird ended up having to pull out of the last round. Leon and Sundancer won the Grand Classic.
  • Party for Sundancers win

    Party for Sundancers win
    There was a big party at Hannahs house celebrating Sundancers win and birds great riding in the first round. Even though Bird could not ride in the second round, she was still very happy because Bird and Sundancer had made a deal that one of them would win no matter what.
  • Sundancer was almost sold again

    Since the people that owned Sundancer were Owens stables, they had sold Sundancer. Bird was devastated and promised Sundancer that she would figure out a way to keep Sundancer, before he has to go.
  • Stewart asked Eva to marry him

    Stewart asked Eva to marry him
    Stewart has asked Eva to marry him. Eva said yes!
  • Dancer is Sundancer's father

    Dancer is Sundancer's father
    Dancer is a stallion that belongs to Saddle Creek Farm, and before Sundancer had to leave to his new home Hannah figured out that Dancer is Sundancer's sire. Therefore Sundancer is owned by Saddle Creek Farm and not by Owens Stables, so Sundancer can no longer be sold and belongs to Hannah and Bird. Both Sundancer and Bird are very happy! The end.