Summer Travels

By mikeyp
  • End of School

    End of School
    On the Last day of school i said bye to my friends in hawarden.
  • Period: to


    In between this time I just went swimming every day.
  • Trucking with Dad

    Trucking with Dad
    I went trucking with my dad through Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, and then back again.
  • Period: to

    On the road

    On the road with my dad was fun, we ate out all the time and we got to visit a lot of different environments it was so fun.
  • Getting Back

    Getting Back
    I got back and my dad called and said he was getting me a bike.
  • Biking with Austin

    Biking with Austin
    When I went biking with Austin Barrera, we rode our bikes to Hawarden from Ireton.