Summer of 2011

By Ishboo
  • Period: to

    The Summer

    The craziest summer of our lives
  • My DUI

    Off to a good start
  • Prom Weekend

    Audubon Prom Weekend in Wildwood
  • XTU/Relay for Life

    Bottles were thrown and silliness ensued
  • Jake's Party

    BBQ at Jake's, Brittany pees on Bri's DVD player
  • Christian's Party

    Party at Christian's mom's.
  • My Birthday Party

    Absolute shitter. No words to describe it.
  • My Birthday Party, Part 2

    For some reason we threw another party the next day
  • Russell's Beachhouse

    Russell's Beachhouse
    There was also a giant bear
  • John goes to Court, vol. 1

    Why the hell am I here again?!
  • Fourth of July Fireworks

    Amanda got kind of sloppy at Ryan's
  • John goes to Court, vol. 2

  • First Roxxy Trip

    Bri and Brittany got dressed really slutty, it was cool.
  • Second Roxxy Trip/The Break In

    Who thought it was a good idea to park a Lexus on a back street in Philly? Also Brittany fainted, that was pretty funny.
  • "Where's Diaz?"

    "Anybody seen Diaz?"
  • Bri and Abby got HIIIIIGH

    Bri also made weird sounds
  • First Night at Sean's

    First Night at Sean's
    The picture is from the next day
  • Bri Has a Party

    Bri Has a Party
    Her parents did not expect me to bring a keg.
  • The Tranny

    "My nipples are lactating, anybody want a milkshake?"