Timeline created by Yassine.Zarmek
  • Foundation

    The foundation of women’s social and political union by Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Arrests

    A militant action at the parliament caused her to be arrested twice
  • Multiplication of cases

    Other women arrested on similar charges and took the decision of going on hunger strikes to be recognized as political prisoners instead of criminals
  • Foundation of a committee to give women the vote

    A committee was formed by a group of MPs who wanted to give women the vote
  • Protest at parliament

    Emmeline lead a protest at Parliament the police response was brutal
  • 150 arrests in a demonstration

    A similar demonstration was done, there were over 150 arrests and Emmeline’s sister died from her injuries
  • Start of physical violence

    The WSPU intensified the struggle by attacking private property.
  • Arrestation of Emmeline

    Emmeline was arrested for smashing the Prime Minister‘s windows in Downing Street
  • Dropping of Manhood Suffrage Bill

    The government dropped its manhood suffrage Bill, Emmeline declared war
  • Cat and Mouse Act

    The Cat and Mouse Act of 1913 meant Emmeline was in and out of jail, the law allowed hunger strikers to be released when they became ill and then we arrested when they were better.
  • Arrestation of Emmeline

    Emmeline was arrested for trying to get a petition to the king.
  • The start of WWI

    The first world war broke. All imprisoned suffragettes where released. Emmeline focused her attention on the war effort and campaigned for women to be allowed to carry out war work. Women were employed in offices, farms, public transport and factories including munition, work where they were exposed to danger from explosion and TNT poisoning
  • Goal reached

    The Representation of the people Act included females of rage for the first time. Women over 30 and who made various other requirements could now vote.
  • Equality for vote

    Women were granted suffrage on equal terms to men. Emmeline past away that year.