suelman ahmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seed planting

    planting seeds and covering them with pine branches
  • Period: to

    growing tabacco

  • clear forests

    they cleared forests to make tabacoo fields.
  • transplanted

    about after two months in the seedbeds tabacoo plants were large enough to transplant
  • tabacoo worms

    this happened in april-september there were tabacoo worms on the tabacoo and the people had to take them off
  • harvested

    the tabacoo was ready to be harvested.
  • tabacoo barns

    stakes were hung in tabacoo barns to dry for 6 to 10 weeks
  • drying

    when the leaves on the steaks were dry, they were taken downand stripped from the stalks.
  • tabacoo leaves

    once tabacoo leaves were dried, they were bundled into hands.
  • tabacoo barells

    tabacoo barells were rolled in hog sheads to ship to england
  • shiped

    the hogsheds of tabacoo were finally shipped to england