Story of Matter

  • 400

    8000 BC

    Chemists learned how to create and control fire. They would use it to cook their food, harden materials and soften them.
    Middle East Chemists
  • Period: 400 to


  • 450

    5000 BC

    Chemists looking into metals that were considered "precious" to humans because of their properties and they looked. Gold was prized because it was soft and easy to bend into wires and make jewllery out of it.
  • 500

    4500 BC

    People started experimenting with Copper and found out that copper and carbon together form steel, which meant more durable and sharper weapons and tools.
  • 550

    1200 BC

    People called, Hittites learned how to extract iron from rocks and turn it into a useful material
  • Jan 1, 600

    490 BC

    Greek philospophers observed that a rock could be broken into smaller and smaller peices until it turned into dust
    Greek philodophers.
  • Jan 1, 650

    350 BC

    Another greek philosopher named Aristotle said that everything was made up other 4 elements; Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth
  • Andreas Libou

    Andreas Libou published "Alchemia" a book that explained how to prepare chemicals such as Hydrochloric acid.
  • Robert Boyle

    In the 1660's Robert Boyle experimented with the behaviour of gases, He was interested in what happened when gases where placed under pressure. He was also interested in determining the composition of gases and other substances
  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

    He developed a system for naming chemicals. naming some of the substances like Hydrogen, Oxygen and carbon. He was called "the father of modern chemistry"
  • John Dalton

    He used the observations from his experiments to develop his own theory of the composition matter. he suggested that all matter is made up of particles. he also explained that pure substancesd are made up of only one substance, i.e. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Chlorine. He invented the "Billiard ball" theory
  • Matter today

    I think that matter is made up of particles that are constantly moving, and always have space between them. I think that another dicovery like the ones that happened before in the past wont happen for a long time because our world is so technologically advanced and we have discovered so much already.