Stone Butch Blues/ Movements

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    Stone Butch Blues

  • New Yorker is first to print homosexual in public newpaper

  • McCarthyism

    Senator Joseph McCarthy targeted homosexuals who were regularly subjected to police brutality and harassmement. Also, many gays and lesbians were excluded from the work force.
  • SBB Page 141- 1973

    "Don't worry sweetheart," she whispered. "It'll be OK. You'll get a job soon, You'll see."
    She was wrong. By 1973 it seemed as though everyone we knew was laid off.
    Theresa lost her job at the university. That dashed our hopes of taking a vacation together- and we sure needed it. The months of me scouring for work and money getting tighter were taking their toll on us. We had to get away, but all our escape routes seemed blocked.
  • First Public Protests

    Dr. Frank Kameny, a prominent leader in the Gay Rights Movement created the first public protest for gay rights with a picket line outside the White House.
  • SBB- Theresa Riots - Page 138

    I found Theresa in the bathroom splashing her face with cold water. Her eyes were red and swollen from tear gas. I tried to hold her tight, but she was excited. She pulled away and started telling me about what had happened on campus. All theh words tumbled out on top of each other.
    "The students called a strike. They took over the campus and Main Street. The cops were everywhere in riot gear. I stuck around but the tear gas got so bad I couldn't see."
  • Stonewall

    After police raided the Stonewall Inn gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York gays and lesbians in the bar fought back with one of the largest riot scenes launching what many view as the start of the gay rights movement.
  • Stonewall- SBB Page 130-131

    Jan clapped me on the shoulder. "Yeah, but the femmes showed them tonight- don't mess with us. It was like what happened in Greenwich Village a couple of weeks ago."
    I frowned. "What happened?"
    "Stonewall!" Greant shouted. I looked at Ed and shrugged.
    Jan grinned. "The cops tried to raid a bar in Greenwich Village, but they got a fight instead. The drag queens and he-shes really kicked ass."
    Grant laughed. "I heard they tried to burn the bar down with the cops barricaded inside."
  • Homosexuality- No Longer Mental Disorder

    The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders.
  • Homosexual- No Longer Mental Disorder- SBB- Page 174

    "Get away from me. What have you done?" She asked me in a strange, low voice. "What are you doing?"
    "Trying to live, Gloria. Give me a break, will ya?"
    Kim reached out to me, but Gloria grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "Come on Kin, Scotty." Gloria said, pulling them toward the door. "You are really sick, you know that? You really need help."
  • Harvey Milk

    Openly gay politician Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors. He was killed by fellow city supervisor Dan White within a year.
  • Don't ask, Don't Tell

    Bill Clinton reversed the ban that stated Gays could not serve in the military. Instead he put into action that recruits could not longer ask people their sexual prefer and as long as gays did not discuss their homosexual acts or preference they could serve in the military.
  • The U.S. Defence of Marriage Act

    The U.S. Defense of Marriage Act was signed into law stating that no state nor the Federal Government could treat a gay marriage as a relationship even if it is deemed that way elsewhere.