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Stephen (The History of Acadia)

  • Nov 24, 1524

    First Glance of Acadia

    First Glance of Acadia
    Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the Atlantic coast of North America and gave the name "Archadia" to the region her explored.
  • Port Royal Established

    Port Royal Established
    On 1605, Port Royal was established in the shore of Nova Scotia by the French. Port Royal became the capital of Acadia afterwards, and Acadia was born.
  • "Nova Scotia"

    "Nova Scotia"
    In 1621, the English government captured Acadia and changed Acadia's name to Nova Scotia.
  • "Acadia" Back

    "Acadia" Back
    The French chased off the British, letting the French take control of Acadia once more.
  • "Nova Scotia" Once Again

    "Nova Scotia" Once Again
    Acadia was once again captured by the British.
  • The Treaty of Ryswick

    The Treaty of Ryswick
    Through "The Treaty of Ryswick", France was yet again able to take control of Acadia. But this would be the last time.
  • Port Royal Destroyed

    Port Royal Destroyed
    The British attacked with 36 ships and 2000 men, forcing Port Royal to surrender. Port Royal was destroyed.
  • Treaty of Acadia

    Treaty of Acadia
    Acadia signed a peact treaty proclaiming their loss to the British. They were now under British rule.
  • Expulsion of the Acadians

    Expulsion of the Acadians
    After 45 years of Acadia under British commands, the British expelled over 10 000 Acadians from their land, forcing them to move to other places. Acadia turned into a wasteland.