Stephen's Life

  • Born

    I was born
  • Period: to

    My LIfe

  • Christmas

    This was my first Christmas
  • 9/11

    the twin towers were attacked by terrorists.
  • Iraq

    The war in Irag started.
  • Moving

    My family and I moved from arnold to St. Louis county.
  • baptized

    I was baptized
  • Baseball

    First year playing baseball.
  • Big brother

    This is the day my little brother and sister were born.
  • Hurricane

    Hurricane Katrina happened.
  • Disney

    First time I went to florida. vacation in Disney World
  • Basketball

    First organized basketball game.
  • Cousin

    My cousin Daniel came over from guatemala
  • Obama

    Barack Obama is elected first african american president
  • Cross Country

    First Cross Country meet
  • wedding

    I was in my uncle Kyles wedding
  • 2nd place

    My baseball team won 2nd place in the Show-Me State games.
  • World Series

    The St. Louis Cardnals win their 11th world series.
  • Cousin

    My cousin Mason was born
  • HighShool

    First day of highschool
  • Car

    I got my first car